Badminton Net Kill

The badminton net kill is a very aggressive shot and it will almost surely win you a point against any player. This is one of the deadliest shots in badminton. Only a few skilled badminton players can return these shots effectively. Even if this shot is deadly, it is very easy to execute. It requires little skill but there are risks in using this. You might touch the net, you might get excited and you might accidentally hit the shuttlecock before it passes the net, and you will not be able to return to your base swiftly in case the opponent was able to return the shot.

Executing this shot is a must in every chance that you will get because the success rate is almost 100% so you do not need to worry about the risks. There are a lot of times wherein you will feel too lazy to execute it and you will just execute a net drop. This is very wrong and you have just wasted a chance to win a point. The main of objective of this shot is to win you a point instantly.

These are some tips on why and when to use the badminton net kill:

  • Use this if the shuttlecock is still above the net.
  • Use this if you want to win a point instantly.
  • Use this to leave a fiercer impression to your opponent.
  • Use this to pressure your opponent`s mind.
  • Use this to scare your opponent.

These are some tips on how to execute the badminton net kill:

  • Hit the shuttlecock just after it passes the net.
  • Be aggressive.
  • Lunge forward and land on your dominant foot being in front and your other foot at the back.
  • Land your last step before hitting the shuttlecock.
  • Use a short backswing.
  • Hit the shuttlecock in a downward trajectory. 
  • Aim for the opponent`s body or at the sides of the court.
  • The upper portion of your racquet arm should move while your elbow is locked.
  • Execute the shot with a fast flick of the wrist so that the shuttlecock will not go out of the court.
  • Do not do a follow through because you might touch the net. Instead, retract your racquet to avoid it.
  • Return to your base afterwards.

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