Proper Etiquette in a Badminton Game

Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade
Game courtesies in badminton are to be observed to have a fun, fair and pleasant play. Observing these game courtesies could get you and your opponent a chance to get along together and play again the next time you meet. These would be very advantageous if your opponent is greater than you. He or she would surely help you level up your game
Just playing with him or her already levels up your game because he or she is a much stronger opponent, therefore you try your best to beat him or her.

 Here is the list of game courtesies needed to be observed before, during, and after the game:

  •  Before beginning a badminton game, introduce yourself to your opponent or opponents. Just shake hands and smile and/or bow to acknowledge your opponent. Don`t do a full bow because that would be awkward unless you really admire your opponent or opponents. Introducing yourself shows that though you intend to wind the match, you respect your opponents` skills, or at least their presence at the game. 
  •  Be considerate and cooperate with your opponents during warm-up. Make sure all badminton players in doubles matches are given equal and sufficient opportunities to hit a variety of shots before the match begins. Warming up makes for more flexible play during the game with injuries and mistakes less likely to occur.
  •  It is normal to bring shuttlecocks to the court and not expect them to be provided by other players. Make sure that the shuttlecocks are in good condition, with all feathers in excellent order before hand. No one likes to play with shuttlecocks whose feathers are falling out or are broken. This causes the uneven flight of the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock might spin or might speed up or slow down.
  •  It is the responsibility of all badminton players to call all their faults fairly and objectively. Treating opponents justly will make them treat you the same when the situation is reversed.
  •  Badminton game courtesies also requires badminton players to respect opponents calls without argument. If there is an umpire supervising the match then the umpire`s decisions should be respected. 
  • When badminton players make illegal shots or faults, such as slinging the shuttlecocks, accidentally touching the net, or any other action not agreeing with the rules, badminton players committing the acts should call them immediately. Mutual respect in playing the game fairly is important in maintaining a friendly relationship throughout the match.
  •  When an opponent scores, return the shuttlecock with a light underhand stroke. 
  • Give a compliment to your opponent for a well executed shot. 
  • Do not talk to an opponent to intentionally distract him or her during the game. 
  •  If you want a water break, ask the umpire for permission. If there is no umpire, tell your opponents politely.
  •  If you want to change badminton racquets or shuttlecocks, ask the umpire for permission. If there is no umpire, tell your opponents politely.
  • Talking to viewers or coaches during the game is completely unacceptable and considered very rude. It shows that you are very uninterested with the game and that you are boasting your skills to all the viewers thus you are degrading your opponent.
  •  It is normal and expected for badminton players to announce the score before service. This should be announced with the server's score first and the receiver's score second. If there is an umpire he or she will announce the score.
  •  Badminton game courtesies means keeping a calm behavior, irrespective of how frustrated a player may become while facing the opponent`s victory on the court. 
  • Whether a player wins or loses the match he or she should always shake hands with the opponent when the match is completed or let your racquets touch above the net to show sportsmanship.

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