Badminton Forehand Smash

New beginner leveled badminton players and most of the people who do not know badminton much usually grades badminton players based on how strong their smash is and how often they execute it. A strong smash tells you that the player has good technique and has been playing for quite a while but you cannot grade  the overall effectiveness of a badminton player by his or her smash. This is a very wrong perspective. If you think this way, you will try to smash every time in the game and you will be very obvious to your opponent. You will also be so tired that you may not even finish the game.

If you want to watch the video for this, go to "Badminton Training Videos" which is located above and click the link with the title "Smash".

Basics of Badminton

It is done! All the articles before this one are all badminton basics articles. They are what you need to survive in a badminton game. There are 35 articles for badminton basics. The other 4 are additional articles for additional facts and tips for badminton. 1 article is for your musical enjoyment which has 2 great videos and I hope that they give you lots of eargasms.

It is recommended that you read and focus on these first before advancing forward except if you are already confident with your skills. The list is already in chronological order. I wish you the best as a starting badminton player!

Badminton Lift

The badminton lift is commonly used as a defensive shot. It is used to force the opponent to move further to the back and to give yourself time to think on how you can change the tide of the match into your favor. The badminton lift makes the shuttlecock fly very high and very deep into the opponent`s backcourt. You need to have a flexible and strong wrist to be able to execute a good badminton lift. The badminton lift can also be used as an aggressive shot. The shuttlecock flies at a lower height so that it can move further back faster.